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After all we are all unique individuals and so, when it’s time to say farewell, many of us want to make it a personal and individual occasion. The life which your loved one has lived can be reflected and celebrated in many ways with personalised funeral arrangements.

Bespoke Funerals are becoming more popular as a growing number of people now leave instructions for how they would like their own funeral to be conducted, we are here to assist you in creating the funeral and day of remembrance that is requested.

Bennetts can help you to create a funeral that reflects a person’s particular life passions or hobbies. A variety of options are available on request including motorcycles, lorries, colourful coffins, eco-friendly coffins as well as a woodland burial.

The woodland burial offers an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to traditional burials, cemeteries and graveyards. Click here to read more on woodland burials.

We aim to provide the occasion that suits your loved one and family in the best way possible to celebrate their life and allow for the perfect day of remembrance.

A bespoke funeral will not necessarily be more costly, it is created to suit individual requirements that differ from more traditional funerals.

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