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Eco Funerals & Coffins

More and more of us are considering the effect our lives have on the environment and funerals are no exception. At Bennetts we pride ourselves on being able to offer ecologically friendly options. We are also able to arrange woodland burials and green funerals (please see below).

Eco Coffins are 100{a2b5c6877fc1670dac5a7506db9434eca15d9b177c35c6f1a2e5633d644dcb0e} natural and biodegradable, supplied with high quality fitted and leak-proof liners, plus bamboo headrest and nameplate.

Although lightweight in construction all coffins and caskets are guaranteed to carry a weight of up to 23 stone or 150 kilograms. They are appropriate for cremation, traditional and natural burials. They also come in a range of sizes.

Woodland Burial

Woodland Burials offer an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to traditional burials, cemeteries and graveyards.

As the woodland develops it will become an increasingly attractive place for family and friends to visit and to be at peace. If reservations are made together, you can ensure that loved ones are buried in adjacent plots.

No particular form of service or any interment service is expected: the choice is left entirely to the family and can be formal or entirely informal.

A hardwood plaque will mark the grave and can be replaced when it biodegrades.

Each Woodland of Remembrance management scheme will ensure that each Woodland of Remembrance will grow into a nature reserve and sanctuary for wildlife.

The Woodlands of Remembrance never close and can be visited whenever family or friends choose.

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