Horse Drawn Carriages

Bespoke Horse Drawn Carriages

A horse drawn funeral can often be a comfort to relatives and friends who want to say a very special farewell to a loved one.

Our highly professional, caring and dignified horse drawn funeral service provides you with a pair of black horses and black hearse.

We are appropriately turned out for the occasion and dress in traditional style harness with full collars. In addition we can add drapes and ostrich plumes. Most colours are available to suit your personal preference.

Horse-drawn hearses are surprisingly popular in the 21st century. Bennetts use a perfectly schooled team of immaculate Belgian Blacks for our horse drawn carriage funerals.

Belgian Blacks originated from Friesland, Northern Holland, their strong black colour, together with their noble bearing and quiet temperament, have made them the first choice for Funeral horses for over two hundred years.

During the 19th Century the Friesians were imported to Britain, via the port of Antwerp in Belgium. Therefore confusingly they became known in Britain as “Belgian Blacks”.

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