Silver Hearse & Limousine

Bennetts Traditional Fleet

Bennetts funerals are carried out in traditional style and we believe our fleet of elegant stately silver hearse and limousines adds great dignity to the funeral cortege.

Our silver vehicles are an expression of our attitude to someone passing. We don’t think that this should be a dark or black experience in any way, but that of an uplifting celebration of their life with us.

Your loved one will be conveyed to the funeral service in our silver hearse. Many families choose to follow the hearse in one or more of our limousines, which comfortably accommodate six passengers. The funeral cortege will collect you and other family members from an address of your choice. You will be taken, in the limousines, to your chosen destination following the funeral service.

As a special alternative, we are able to provide a traditional horse-drawn hearse. Other appropriate modes of transport may be arranged on request.

Available to hire

Our silver hearse and limousines are available to hire to other funeral directors.

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